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Tiecediapeuri | 06.04.14

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Al Chase (The White Rhino) | 05.17.14

I have been following the Logs since Chris Puchi rolled into Cambridge from Illinois. Last night's Spring Concert was the best I have witnessed so far. The set list, the execution on each song, the guest group, the video and the skit were all outstanding. You have raised the bar! Well done, Mighty Logs!

Paul Lubin | 05.17.14

Last night's concert was terrific! Puchi floored us! Every time we see the seniors leave we wonder how the group could recover, and every year we are surprised at the amazing talent and energy. We look forward to seeing you next year!

I'd Rather Not Say | 05.02.14

You're performance at Exeter was very professional and wonderful. I was always smiling and bobbing to the beat. It was the BEST way to end a week. Thank you so much!

Zea | 05.02.14

your performance tonight at exeter was incredible! i absolutely loved every minute of it - thank you! :^)

Erika Anderson | 04.19.14

The MIT Logarhythms were the entertainment at my college's Gala last night and they were amazing as usual. Hope you come to visit the school again soon.

Akshay | 04.13.14

You guys made my day with your energy and charisma! And every soloist I heard during cpw was awesome. I hope to see more over the next four years!

Bruno | 04.12.14


Auguste White | 04.06.14

You all came to our school (Phillips Academy Andover) and blew us away! You really turned around our back-to-school blues. Thank you so much! Your warm presence after the performance was also really great. PLEASE COME AGAIN!

Zizo Bahnasy | 04.05.14

I enjoyed listening to your performance last night here at Andover! You all sounded amazing, and watching you guys have fun singing made me happy! Keep up the amazing job, and hopefully you will return next year!

Felipe | 04.05.14

Last night, I had an amazing time watching you guys perform. Not only do you have incredible voices, you create such amazing masterpieces with your performances with all that amazing choreography. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE COME BACK YEAR!

Kristy | 04.05.14

Please come back!!! You guys are amazing!

Eliot | 04.04.14

Your performance at Andover was so dope. Everyone loved you guys, the show was so fun and entertaining.

Eliot | 04.04.14

Your performance at Andover was so dope. Everyone loved you guys, the show was so fun and entertaining.

C | 04.04.14

Love from Andover! <3 You guys were so so fun. Please come back next year!

Eliot | 04.04.14

Your performance at Andover was so dope. Everyone loved you guys, the show was so fun and entertaining.

Paulina Munn | 04.04.14

Hi! I wanted to do this before I forgot! You guys literally just sang to my friend (black hair and black leather jacket) and me (I had the jaguar print rainboots on and long brown hair). Thank you SO MUCH for the private concert! I wish I'd gotten a selfie but my phone just wanted to spite me. Come back next year!!! Please!!! -Juhi and Paulina <3 P.S. I heard that the guy in the purple shirt's name was automatically we are connected through our similar names. Love you guys! I hope we get to be TOGETHER (song you sang)

Alma | 04.04.14

You guys came to Andover today and it was AMAZING. I am still in awe I had such a great time! Thank you SO much for the awesome performance it made me so happy.

Ashley | 04.04.14

You all were great! Thanks so much for making time for us at Andover on your Friday night. I can't wait to see you guys again (it will be happening). Good luck with everything (especially your studies). Thanks again!

Haley Taylor | 04.04.14

Y'all came to Andover today, and it legitimately made my night. Your voices were amazing, and your performance skills were incredible. My friends and I, after your show, proceeded to vigorously fangirl over you guys outside of the building. You guys are awesome, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Have a great night!

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