Give Us Back Our Spyplane! (2008)


Alright, we’ve spent two years working on this one! It’s really awesome. That’s really all there is to say.

Produced by Ed Boyer, Michael Miller
Mixed by James Gammon
Mastered by Matt Azevedo
Edited by Michael Miller, except tracks 3, 7, and 8 by Ed Boyer


1. Jump [Van Halen]
2. Here (In Your Arms) [Hellogoodbye]
3. Brighter Than Sunshine [Aqualung]
4. Get Over It [OK Go]
5. Save Room [John Legend]
6. Frequently Baby [Melee]
7. Are You Gonna Be My Girl [Jet]
8. Holiday In Spain [Counting Crows]
9. The Blower’s Daughter [Damien Rice]
10. Feel Good Inc. [Gorillaz]
11. Anna Molly [Incubus]
12. Hymn [Duncan Sheik]