Natural (2006)


The Logs proudly present Natural, our newest release. Natural is comprised of songs from the 03-04 through 05-06 school years, and it shows we’re not above a good math joke.

Produced by John Clark
Mixed by John Clark
Edited by John Clark
Mastered by Dana J. White


1. Memory [Sugarcult]
2. Accidentally In Love [Counting Crows]
3. Blurry [Puddle of Mudd]
4. Such Great Heights [The Postal Service]
5. She Will Be Loved [Maroon 5]
6. Run [Snow Patrol]
7. Runaway Train [Soul Asylum]
8. The Only Living Boy In New York [Simon & Garfunkel]
9. Lost Cause [Beck]
10. Somebody’s Baby [Phantom Planet (orig. Jackson Browne)]
11. Part-Time Lover [Stevie Wonder]
12. The Scientist [Coldplay]
13. Float On [Modest Mouse]