Ashay was created when Professor Utonium mixed together sugar, saffron, and a high tenor register. Legend has it he serenaded a lucky ER nurse upon being delivered. The nurse was then cured of colon cancer she did not even know she had. Throughout his childhood he often found it difficult to connect with his peers because they would burst into tears of joy upon hearing his glorious voice, and because he eats cereal like a heathen. As might be clear from his Indian upbringing, Ashay is also a rampant carnivore. He has never gone more than twenty minutes without eating some form of red meat. He grew up a walking distance from MIT and decided to attend the institution because he is the State of Massachusetts’ State Bard. The MIT Logarhythms, having kept a close eye on Ashay, quickly brought him into the group in order to produce music only dreamed of before. Outside of touching the very framework of existence with his voice, he is also interested in finance.