By way of: Richmond, VA
Course: 6 – Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, 4 – Architecture
Voice Part: Baritone
Current Positions: Historian
Past Positions: President, Tech Chair, Business Manager
Arrangements: None (yet!)
Solos: Let’s Dance, Say You Won’t Let Go, Touch Me

Many eons ago, a prophecy emerged that told of one who could restore balance to the force of music. Not as long ago, a baby was born whose cries made all of the doctors swoon. This baby was Brandon Sanchez. His parents realized he was the Chosen One, but never told him lest he begin his quest before he was ready. They could not, however, stop him from discovering it on his own. As his resonant voice flowed through the air, the universe bent to his will. Wilting flowers sprung back to life, a scorching hot day would be calmed by an Autumn breeze, and flocks of women (and men) would run towards the sound of his mystical voice. Intrigued by the astronomical implications, Brandon slowly cultivated his powers of sweet musical seduction. When he finally learned the truth, Brandon realized that he needed to take his talents to MIT so that he could learn from the Logarhythms, masters of the force. Now the quest has begun in earnest, with only time to tell whether the Logs can help Brandon fulfill his destiny.