Chiho "Chiho" Im

By Way Of: Seoul, South Korea

Studying Course 6: Computer Science & Electrical Engineering, 18: Mathematics

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At the inception, there was a bang; all that was, is, and will be was bred, and from this universal creation rang the most stunning sound the cosmos has ever known: in the manner of a perfect fifth propagated a shimmering and emotionally resonant swell, “Chi-hooooooo.” It is this very reason his being can be found on humanity’s most awe-inspiring entities, from the Great Sphinx of Lower Egypt to The Tickler roller coaster in Coney Island. Thus, it is quite understandable why he emits sheer awesomeness with every step he takes. From the great land of Korea he hails, and when he opens his mouth, pure baritone “Seoul” cascades outward, bringing anything in its path to a state of uncontrollable swooning. This addition to the MIT Logarythms is quite celestial, to say the least.