By way of: Philadelphia, PA
Course: 6 – Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
Voice Part: Tenor
Current Positions: None
Past Positions: Historian, Studio Manager, Tech Chair, Social Media Chair
Arrangements: None (yet!)
Solos: How Deep is Your Love, Say You Won’t Let Go, Levels, Our Song, Fine China

What a specimen! There is no Homo Sapien in nature quite like the LaCavae Ericii, commonly known as the Eric LaCava. However, for the purposes of this account, we will address this splendor by Eric. Heralded as the apex predator of its species, the Eric is known for it’s well-groomed facial hair and it’s unequalled aesthetic appearance, but what truly distinguishes this mammal and makes it truly unique is it’s distinctly melodious voice. A voice that has been documented fervently throughout the ages as the sweetest sound audible to the human ear. Andrea Botelli himself has cited its orgasmic voice as his inspiration and muse. With the ability to sing towering pitches uncommon to the average man, only to drop several octaves down to a smooth rumbling bass sound, the Eric is a mammal to be venerated. It is as a result of this quality that this majestic creature was coveted by the MIT Logarhythms, whom after much toil finally secured him into their group. Almost as if it comes naturally, the Eric continues to accelerate heartbeats through the use of his heavenly voice as a member of the MIT Logs and continues to leave onlookers bewildered by his presence. Ladies and gentlemen, Eric LaCava!