The truth is that Fido used to be a sissy tenor like the other small boys in the Logs. One fateful day while roaming the cold winter streets of Jersey, he was attacked by a vicious creature, one that was not frightened but in fact incited by Fido’s enraged (and still high-pitched) cry of ‘Holla!’ They kicked, bit, and backflipped and although Fido was victorious, the creature had stretched Fido’s vocal cords to drop his voice to the thunderous bass that it is now. To this day Fido still has a powerful hatred for the cold, donning his gloves in nearly 60 degree weather and able to hold his liquour beyond any mortal asian of his size.

And so was borne the human subWOOFer to join the ranks of the u crew (with vu and su), but standing apart by virtue of his blessed bass.