By way of: Atlanta, Georgia
Course: 2 – Mechanical Engineering
Voice Part: Bass
Current Positions: None
Past Positions: Merchandise Chair
Arrangements: None (yet!)
Solos: None (yet!)

The Logs needed someone who could sing low notes, like really low. And then came Nicholas Pittman who came all the way from Mt. Olympus in Atlanta, Georgia. Brother of Orpheus and nephew of Apollo, Nick spent the first half of his life in his own farm where he grazed with his fellow cows and horses. The animals in the forest always loved to hear him howl in his low voice. Now that he’s spending his life in the city, away from the farms, his killer bass line slays all the ladies he has both in and out of his Snapchat contacts. The aura that he emits day and night is bigger than the size of his Afro. All the sculptures that he built for his fellow Olympian gods and goddesses allowed him to be accepted to MIT as a potential mechanical engineer. His sense of fidelity and integrity outside the classrooms earned him a spot in the Sigma Nu Fraternity. He does seem, though, to be incredibly busy by being pledged to Sigma Nu on top his original fraternity, Lamda Omega Gamma, the smallest but the mightiest fraternity at MIT. The Logs will continue to elicit his already overwhelming presence in the group. And all aside, there remains only one question left for this wonderful young man: Will he return to Mt. Olympus?