Long, long ago, the wild tenor known to many as “Quinn” came out of hiding in the wild state of Texas. The tenor, running from their fugitive past, evaded the numerous dangers of the Republic. While in hiding, Quinn was taught the fundamentals of math and science, but more importantly saw a vision of a future on stage. Through captivity, Quinn performed in a band while mastering studies, preparing for the acapella audition process for 18 years. However, Quinn’s chosen path was tough; only the most exceptional tenors could hope to succeed.  Quinn is absolutely an exceptional tenor, almost as is foretold in the ancient scribes of the secret Logarhythm archives that are absolutely not hidden beneath the foundation of Lobby 7. From Quinn’s success in the wilds of Texas, the incredible foundation of precise vocal technique was laid. Likewise, the rich and complex tenor tones of this Texan took time to forge, and the product is breathtaking. Wielding a voice like a sword, Quinn has demonstrated the fighting spirit and strength necessary to survive as a tenor. Quinn is prepared for the test that looms ahead. Quinn is focused. Quinn is brilliant. She is ready.