Junlee Hee

Junhee was formed over 3000 years ago beneath the roots of the ancient world tree. For centuries, he trained with the grandmasters, gaining full control of all 17 disciplines of the voice. He has since set out into the world, spreading musical grandeur to all ears willing to be graced by his talents. Junhee’s humble manner is perfectly balanced with his towering stature. His clothing style, fully black, pays homage to his fallen brethren who lost their voices in the great pitch war of the 7th century. Anyone who gazes upon his brow can see the untamable talent and fervor alight inside him. It was once said that when Junhee belts his highest notes, he can nurse baby pigeons back to health and cure the common cold. As of today, Junhee is the only known being with ability to sing and play the trumpet simultaneously. Researchers at multiple accredited universities continue to fail in their attempts to unravel the secrets behind the ethereal quality of his voice. Junhee’s ultimate destiny is still unknown, which is why he trekked across the world to join the MIT Logarhythms. There his unbridled talent can be channeled into an unstoppable performing force.