By way of: London, UK
Course: 6 – Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
Voice Part: Lead
Current Positions: Tech Chair, Merchandise Chair
Past Positions: None
Arrangements: None (yet!)
Solos: None (yet!)

Do you know that moment when you find a penny on the street, but then a bus runs you over because you were standing ass-up in the middle of the street reaching for the penny, but then as you lay there bleeding and mangled, you look up at the sky and think about all the moments in your life that you regret, but then looking past those moments, you accept and even look forward to your inevitable death, but then an ambulance gets to you right in time so you are yanked back into the cruel reality that put you in that situation in the first place, but then as you lay there in the ER, you bottle all that depression into the deepest crevice of your being and prepare for the unhappy continuation of your being, but then you think back and realize that it was but a mere penny that caused you all this pain and consider the penny as a metaphor for your own life in terms of its insignificance to the universe and inability to determine its own fate, but then you look at yourself in the hospital mirror and say, “You are important, you are beautiful, you can sing, you are Jonathan Wang.”

So yeah I guess you would only know that moment if you are Jonathan Wang, but otherwise it’s pretty relatable. This is a bio though, so let’s get to the takeaway: JWang does this at least once a week. His only calling, nay his only purpose is to sing for you. He reminds himself of this during these near death experiences, so the only reason he exists is to entertain. Next time you hear an angelic voice vaguely coming in the direction of a penny, appreciate it. That voice has taken a long road to get to your eardrums. That voice can outsing all other voices. That voice is J-fuckin’-Wang.