Martz Mooket

By way of: Seattle, WA
Course: 1 – Civil Engineering
Voice Part: Baritone
Current Positions: President
Past Positions: Business Manager, Merchandise Chair
Arrangements: None (yet!)
Solos: Human

It is spoken, in ancient prophecy, of the existence of a being embodying true balance. It’s said that, every millennia, this godlike being graces our unworthy eyes by assuming a human form, yet this façade is never enough to conceal its glory. While such a story is controversial within the scientific community, it is indisputable amongst believers that this epitome of form already lives alongside us, and it goes by the name… Mark Mockett.

Ask anyone who’s been honored by Mark’s presence, and they’ll spin tales of impossible tasks. Every day, Mark arises with the Sun and sleeps at the scientifically optimal time (to the jealousy of many an MIT student), as his own circadian rhythm governs the flow of heavenly bodies themselves. The Sun’s very trajectory aligns with his schedule for perfect exercise, both mentally in class and physically in the gym. Traveling throughout campus, Mark sings with a touch of heaven and listeners ascend to a new plane of enlightenment, objectively defined as the most pleasure a human can possibly experience (like having your brain enveloped by the love of grandma’s cookies infused with the benevolence of Netflix).

While his praises may not be sung by scientists, Mark has decided to find acceptance amongst believers in the MIT Logs, in order to further spread his word of balance and make the world a better place through music.