Neil "Newl" Aggarwal

By Way Of: Vienna, Austria

Studying Course 3: Materials Science

Voice Part:

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Start a Fire Love Me Now 715-Creeks Not a Bad Thing Our Song White Lines I Want You Back Ordinary People


Rebel Beat

There’s no Greek mythology to describe this guy’s past. There’s no random Alien drop off that describes his inception. He’s just that awesome. Neil has an undying enthusiasm to excel in whatever he undertakes and, his ability to generate a compliment for any action a person does, is a trait which is unparalleled. It’s simply amazing. It’s even rumored that he compliments a person’s silence or lack of motion while asleep. Neil is from a remote village in Austria, where he made his living tuning pianos and practicing his American accent. His insatiable desire to join the logs, and most likely a few clever compliments persuaded the MIT admissions committee to accept him. Now that he’s here, he has graced us with his ability to bellow notes not even conceived by most leads, and the occasional tenor. The intensity of his facial expressions both on stage and during rehearsals is almost contagious. His willingness to do all that is asked of him, and that isn’t asked, is inspirational. Legend has it, that if you say his name three times, the next person you see will kneel before you. The same goes if you share his Facebook pictures. He even corrects the pitch pipe from time to time. So viewers, beware! You’ve never witnessed the brilliance of a cappella, until you’ve seen self assigned Vibe┬ánumber one, Neil.