By way of: Boise, Idaho
Course: 6 – Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
Voice Part: Bass
Current Positions: Studio Manager
Past Positions: None
Arrangements: None (yet!)
Solos: Redbone


When Jupiter toppled the head from Saturn’s shoulders, the earth was a desolate wasteland. Jupiter was sad to see this barren world he had inherited, and so sprang Noah, fully formed, from his golden larynx. To Noah’s divine voice, even the angels could not hope to compare. Upon hearing his song, green tentacles and pink blobs, which we now know as the myriad flora and fauna of this world, sprang out of the earth. Admittedly, when He was warming up, he accidentally created the potato, a most mysterious and enigmatic vegetable (we won’t mention the platypus here, that’s an account for another time). Jupiter and his sister, Ceres, were jealous of this tremendous feat of creation, and conspired to both erase Noah from the history books of man and assume the credit for his creations. Being a humble being, Noah decided to be the bigger man (god?), and went away to make his home in Idaho, bringing his potatoes with him as gifts to man. Many an age passed, and Noah decided that the world was once again ready for his glorious and magnificent voice. And so we find ourselves at MIT, with the Logarhythms, the only group able to appreciate and use his talents to their fullest, eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this epic adventure.