Rushell Pilates

By way of: Guam
Course: 6 – Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
Voice Part: Lead
Current Positions: None
Past Positions: Event Coordinator, Social Media Chair, CD Manager, Tech Chair
Arrangements: None (yet!)
Solos: Mercy, Cold Water

In Ancient Greek Mythology, the Sirens were beautiful creatures with glorious voices. Their songs touched the hearts of all who sailed passed their cursed shores, and their music was enough to lure sailors to their death. Although his intentions are objectively less murderous, Russell lures unwary students from their studies and psets using nothing but his stunning vocal skills. Like the alluring song of Sirens, Pasetes’ melodic voice is enough to enchant all who dare to lend their ears. At a towering five feet seven inches, weighing in at 170 lbs, and helping to lead this year’s twig class to be by far the best class in logs history, this integral member of Twig Class Full House was derived from Guam. Russell’s skew towards courses 6 and 18 have left him with a calculating perspective on life and a low margin of error when performing the complex log repertoire. This globetrotter has visited 20 countries, and has become essential to Logs success as we travel the globe together to showcase our 16 harmonic Siren voices to the world.