By way of: Washington, D.C.
Course: 6 – Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
Voice Part: Baritone
Current Positions: Event Coordinator
Past Positions: None
Arrangements: None (yet!)
Solos: None (yet!)

Ryan can be compared to Aphrodite in many ways, but mostly as it comes to his genesis (and
we’re not talking about the foam or the seashell). Semi-reliable sources have stated that this
event is also where Stephen gained his ability replicate a dog whistle with his voice. From his
flowy, beautiful, constantly-covered hair to his amazing fashion sense (rotation between his two
t-shirts), there are many parallels between Ryan “10 and 2” Hennessey and the goddess of

Enough about Ryan’s enviable face and style, however. Let’s get deep. Ryan enjoys long walks
along the Charles, varsity sports dealing with the Charles, and power naps (preferably near the
Charles, but he can do just about anywhere). While he may look innocent and empty-headed
from the outside, inside Ryan is solely focused on one goal: to make sure none of Full House
survives to the next year.

We wish him every success.