Big Datta

By way of: Maryland
Course: 18 – Mathematics, 8 – Physics
Voice Part: Lead
Current Positions: None
Past Positions: Event Coordinator, Social Media Chair
Arrangements: None (yet!)
Solos: Say You Won’t Let Go, Almost is Never Enough, White Lines, Uptown Funk

Born as the result of a lab accident, Shaun grew up to be a combination of all the most desirable characteristics.  His hands are almost perfectly proportional, his eyes are the right distance apart, and most toddlers would consider him to be quite tall.  Shaun has hair as alluring as a lion’s mane with the intensity in his stare to match.  He has a laugh that fills the room while maintaining a frame that barely fills any of it.  His fashion sense is impeccable, which is also a feat of great patience as most designers do not make clothing in his size.  He is everything you could ever want in a friend.  You can always find him for help if you need him, laying in stark contrast to his mastery for fitting into impossible places during Hide-And-Seek.  His face is unimaginably beautiful.  It is possible that this is a result of never running into lowly hung decorations.  His most impressive quality, however, is his voice.  No one would ever expect so much soul to come from such little mass.  It is a good thing Shaun has all of these striking qualities too because he will undoubtedly spend his entire Logs career in the front row.