By way of: Trinidad and Tobago
Course: 18 – Mathematics
Voice Part: Tenor
Current Positions: None
Past Positions: Event Coordinator
Arrangements: None (yet!)
Solos: Say You Won’t Let Go, Never Too Much, Let’s Get it Started

The son of Poseidon and Beyonce, this 6’4” stallion had his vocal cords hand-woven by the Muses. But when the Muses saw the greatness of their creation, they grew jealous of the perfection that they themselves could not achieve. Stephen was sent into hiding in Trinidad and Tobago, where he was raised by mortals. As a superhuman among mere men, Stephen sometimes struggled to fit in. When he playfully winked at girls, they would turn to gold. When he smiled, his glistening porcelain teeth would blind onlookers. When singing to himself, passersby would hear him and begin to ascend to Heaven.

Blessed with Weezy’s freestyling abilities, perfect pitch, and an angelic falsetto, it became clear that only one group was fit to handle his talents: the MIT Logarhythms. Reigning in Stephen’s enormous powers, the Logs tamed this half-God, half-superstar. Now, when Stephen winks, butterflies burst to life in ladies’ stomachs. When he smiles, the whole world stops and stares for a while. And when he sings his sultry tones, a fiery halo is said to materialize over his head. Physicists have determined that all heavenly bodies are attracted to Stephen, so this singing phenom is one to watch out for!