Tom E

Tommy was trapped. The spirit of MIT had sealed off all the doors with ancient magic and, although he desperately pushed and pulled, even the windows in his dorm room wouldn’t budge.

“You are stuck, my boy,” the spirit of MIT said with a menacing laugh. “Tonight is your last night on earth. I will make you pset until dawn and then give you an exam tomorrow morning. And just as your exam ends, right before you’re free from all of your stress, I’ll cut your little head right off. How does that sound?”

It didn’t sound good to Tommy. But realizing that there was nothing he could do, Tommy relentlessly worked on his psets, humming some tunes as he worked. He reached the end of his exam and braced himself for death. But it didn’t come.

“You didn’t finish your song,” the spirit of MIT said. “You must finish that beautiful song before I slay you.” And despite the pleas to keep singing, Tommy was too exhausted to continue. After a deep sleep, Tommy awoke to find the spirit of MIT still in his room.

“It is time for you to finish your song,” it said. “Here are a few more psets that you can work on while you sing.” Tommy was perplexed, but continued singing; the spirit of MIT listened intently and, when dawn approached, found itself disappointed yet again as Tommy fell asleep without finishing his last song.

This cycle continued for 1001 days and 1001 nights, and as time passed, the spirit of MIT fell in love with Tommy’s smooth voice. When Tommy finally resolved his last chord, the spirit said to him, “Marry me, you must.” And although Tommy politely refused, the spirit gave him a counteroffer that he couldn’t resist; it asked, “How about you join the MIT Logarhythms?”

And thus ends the tale of Tommy Edelman and the One Thousand and One Nights. Now begins the tale of Tommy Edelman’s adventures with the MIT Logarhythms…