On one fateful 2007 evening, Thomas P Gerrity and Benjamin A Bloomberg skipped happily together hand in hand over the Harvard Bridge. Little did they know that the wind had blown several of their hairs off their head and into the volatile depths of the Charles River. After a year long gestation period, these hairs had intertwined and given birth to the most luscious, curly, and shining locks ever known to man. That hair, and its accompanying body, would later be known as Stephen Salinas. Being rooted in such musical parents, it was only logical that he would be musical as well by playing viola from a young age. But inevitably, Stephen heard the call of the Logs, and he answered with his silky smooth baritone. You can now find Stephen on campus playing with MITSO, singing with the Logs, or riding his bike whilst protecting his hair with his helmet.


God formed Jew-man of the dust of New York, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of tenor; and Jew became a living twig. And God planted a football field eastward, in Edan; and there he put the 215lb, 6’3′ footballer-Edan Krolewicz- whom he had formed. And out of the ground made Jehovah God to grow every Log that is pleasant to the ear, and good for girls; the tree of Logs also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of the knowledge of pros and noobs. And God commanded the Jew, saying, Of every song of room 4-110 thou mayest freely sing: but of the song Signed, Sealed, Delivered thou shalt not falter: for in the day that thou failest to impress the Logs thereof thou shalt not pass! And out of Applebees Jehovah God formed a waitress and brought her unto the Jewish Knee to see how she would sit on him while the Logs serenaded. Jew singeth, I’m yours The waitress was so enticed by the heavenly voice of Edan that she sayeth, Aye I shall be thine, and they lived happily ever after.


From our childhood we have noticed Ernie in Sesame Street can sing, but we didn’t know that his painful cravings to be in Logs made him decide to get out to the real world from the TV screen. At the moment he tried to escape, however, a naughty dog touched the remote; the channel swept through ESPN and MTV. There was no chance for the dog to realize that it was the historical moment that Ernie acquired his formidable physical and musical ability. Once he listens to a song, his electronically modified brain sorts the notes automatically in order so that he cannot make mistakes while transcribing it. Be careful to play him a song; once his musical circuit resonates with it, he can’t stop bouncing and his superb strength may cause an earthquake!


So picture a shy cute mouse. This mouse seems to have something its hiding, some hidden wad of unknown cheesy talent. Now put this mouse in the logs. Imagine this mouse looking more handsome than Brad Pitt and all of a sudden it begins to sing, and one breath of its splendidly solid, smooth baritone voice is enough to melt your soul in a hot pool of love. This stud of a mouse is Ed Hong. A native of Seoul, this South Korean spends his time perfecting the angle of his glasses and hair to maximize his face’s potential to make girls faint. The only possible explanation for this dashing Asian’s extreme talent and good looks is that when reaching for the gene pool God instead reached into his own private heavenly hot tub, pulling out the shmorgasborg of awesomeness that today is ED HONG!


On their journey to find new members the Logs decided to tread the most dangerous South Korean terrain. They reach a tiny old hut with a small fire in front where an old man with a wise beard spoke to Bryan Koo and after hours of interrogation revealed the location of ‘the great one