Every a cappella group in the world is made less complete by the absence of Steve Nicholson, otherwise known as Snickles. He defies the laws of classical physics every day by being in two places at once. There’s just no other way to explain how he is able to fulfill his commitment to the Logs while managing to run some 70 miles every week with the MIT cross country team. In short, we just can’t get enough of him. On any given day, you can find Steve perfecting his sweet, sweet melodies, chilling at DTD, or entrancing the ladies with his sublimely good looks. Plans for the future to make millions as the CEO of a company which sells teddy bears which he unknowingly modeled after himself.


With his bleach blonde hair, stylish array of assorted necklaces, and overall debonair appearance, what’s not to love about Matt ‘Robertso’ Robertson? Hailing from sunny Orlando, Florida, Robertso has proved an excellent addition to the MIT Logs. Where did it all start for Matt, you might ask? Well when the boy band craze of the late 90’s struck America, Robertso’s life was immediately changed forever. He suddenly realized his destiny: to be a Backstreet Boy. Sadly everyone realized that the Backstreet Boys were awful soon after they came out, but Robertso decided all-male a cappella would suffice. Keep an eye out for studly Matt Robertson as he continues to wow listeners world-wide with his melodious voice.


Nobody seems to know who Mike is, but every log and twig alike would recognize the name Fitz as one of their own. Most often he is recognized wearing his characteristic green Boston Red Sox hat, which most believe is actually attached to him. From his white boy fro to his soothing bass vocals, there is hardly anything about Fitzy that doesn’t scream ‘class.’