Tommy G AKA The Hair

In a time long ago on a planet far, far away, a being of great hair was born. As the gods knew not his origin, they named him after the call which he incited in the greatest beast of the land, the Justin-bird. Toh-mie was a strong little boy with a lustful appreciation for life and the universe. One day while frolicking in the bamboo, he was sucked into a vortex and landed in the FU room. On earth he enjoys slamming into things, long walks on the beach, and pina coladas. His voice is a booming reminder of his true beginnings, and thus, the Logs are overjoyed to be in the company of such an intriguing individual.

Truffles Aka Ashe Wednesday

Born of Antiguan royalty, and hailing from New York, Jason Ashe is a prime specimen. J-Son is fondly called ‘Ashe Wednesday,’ ‘Jashe,’ or even ‘Truffles’ by his Log-brothers. Known for its characteristic falsetto riffs, and brazen baritone sound, Prince Jason’s voice knows no boundaries. Besides a phenomenal singing voice, Jason boasts a sense of smell that is nonpareil. His heightened olfactory facilities are both a blessing and a curse. Jason uses his nostrils to do just about everything, including his schoolwork. Yet, Jason’s keen nose makes him vulnerable to the most exotic fragrances- his only known weakness. It has been rumored that he once gave up his eyebrows and left elbow to obtain the latest Chanel perfume. Ladies swoon over Monsieur Ashe Wednesday. His sensitive nose, suave disposition, and all-around flava render women helpless in his wake. Don’t you wish you could be this smooth?

Bloom Benberg

As soon as Ben walked into the audition room, we were a little skeptical of letting him into our group because we all knew the girls would be swarming around him instead of us, but it’s a risk we took. Well, our predictions were correct and Ben is the sexiest guy up there on stage. All the girls scream ‘Marry Me Ben Bloomberg!!!’ You would scream his name too once you laid eyes on him. He’s got one of those hair-raising resonant voices that just makes everybody go wild! And if singing isn’t enough, wait ’til you hear him tear up the keys on a piano! His jazzy hands can play anything with the little Bloomberg twist to it… he’s just that good. So when you see us in concert and you see that sexy bass in the back row, feel free to scream out ‘I want you Ben!’ What can we say? He’s a cool dude.

The Dragon

Once a loyal subject to the Queen, Dorian ‘D3’ Dargan can now be found roaming the dry plains of Texas. Given that he’s traveling at approximately the velocity of his faithful steed Rambo, one cannot know his exact whereabouts. However, if you ever come across a medium to large town devoid of all females, you can?t be far behind. A natural leader equipped with a disarming voice referred to by John Legend as ‘like mine but smoother and better’ (-John Legend), Dorian is a welcome member of the Logarhythms. He utilizes a unique but effective two phase warming up program in which he first ignores the rest of the group and executes a series of atonal calls: ‘Rufio! Rufio! PYEEEAAAAAWW!!!?’ and then proceeds to wrestle everyone of us into submission until we declare him victor. Stephane is always the first to fall. Unorthodox as it may be, this warmup makes Dorian a force with which to be reckoned. He’s known to leave no survivors on the one-sided battlefield that is the modern a capella scene, and often makes babies smile.

Dorian is phenomenally good-looking.

Dorian is the baddest dude on the planet.

Give Dorian your yummy food.