Once upon a time, a meteor entered Earth’s atmosphere and burst into a fireball of chaos and glory before crashing outside of the small village, Scarsdale, New York. That very night, a young couple that lived nearby decided to investigate the strange and awesome flash they saw outside of their window, as they drove towards this smoking crater they discovered over thirty miles of densely-wooded forest had been leveled by the impact. When they reached the center of the site, they found a baby, asleep, as if nothing unusual had happened. They decided to take this child in, and raise it as their own. As fate would have it, this young couple’s last name was Starr. As young Matthew grew, his family discovered his incredible intellect, astonishing musical ability, and devilish charm. Whatever obstacle he faced he overcame with great ease. Eventually, Starr decided to attend MIT, the only place in the world where his superhuman brain could be challenged and his razor-sharp wits matched. The Logarhythms insisted he join their ranks because during his first year of school he melted the heart of everyone on campus with the mere sound of his voice. Until today, the secret of his origins had remained only in the memories of his parents.


All who have witnessed even a single performance from the renowned Chippy are familiar with the sensation that follows. It is one better than sipping upon a slurpee in the sweltering heat, better than when the slow driver in front of you changes lanes, better than laughing so hard that absolutely no sound comes out. Instead, what transpires can only be described as magical. The cool, babbling brook that is his voice quenches thirsty eardrums with melodies of sweetness and radiance. Bright lights shine ’round the multitudes, and the LORD bellows down unto the masses: ‘Be not afraid, for I have bestowed upon you in this moment, a lifetime of awesome.’ Strumming a powerchord on an invisible Gibson, He then extends his hand for a high five with the greatness that is Ryan Chipman, and is gathered back into the heavens by a host of angels. After which, Chippy is left to his own defenses in swatting away the growing crowd of females that have assembled themselves nearby.

Small Paul

Though you might never suspect it because of his incredible modesty, Paul Hager is a man of such legendary proportions that Paul McCartney, Paul Simon, and Saint Paul were all named after him. Bearing a far greater resemblance to a mighty redwood than a mere twig, Paul packs a deadly 1 – 2 punch of charm and brute strength. But in reality, he’d never hurt a fly. In fact, the only thing more soothing than the rich overtones of his lustrous bass is his gentle, teddy-bear nature. When Paul isn’t too busy rescuing those in distress or serving as a body double for the jolly green giant, he massages the ears of his audience with a silky-smooth voice. Paul is an irreplacable part of the logs not only because of his singing prowess, but also because of the numerous inches he adds to our average height. These days, he can be found being charming at Burton-Conner and, most importantly, putting his ample resonance to good use on stage with the Logs.


As a small child, Ray became widely known across his hometown of Newcastle Delaware for his skill in removing kittens from trees. It is even rumored that once, in his early teenage years, young ladies would drive hours from the city of Georgetown to see him save the poor, imperiled felines. One day, however, a tabby kitten got stuck in a 35-foot tall palm tree. Ray, realizing that climbing the tree was out of the question, decided to woo the cat down through pure charisma. At first he tried using soothing words of encouragement to get the cat to jump into his waiting arms. As soon as it beheld its height above the ground, however, the frightened, furry friend recoiled. In desperation born of mercy, a sudden urge overtook Ray, and he began to sing. His sultry tones, fraught with passion, echoed across the city and, by a complicated byproduct of resonance that is still being studied by focus groups in the United States and European Union, lowered the kitten straight into the waiting arms of its sobbing owner. Ever since, Ray has been using his song to bring comfort to cats across the world. In order to join others who share his passion, Ray has joined the MIT Logarhythms, with whom he will travel the world and share his tender heart with all who will listen.


Few people have had the rare opportunity to lay eyes on this majestic creature. This mysterious Pegasus spoken of only in myth wonders about the earthly plains only to inspire awe and wonder upon its inhabitants. When this heavenly creature spreads his wings and whirls his luscious fiery blonde hair, one feels the sensation of flying through the air, unhindered by life’s illusions. This free spirit first landed in our mortal space in the land of San Francisco. After flying with his beautiful wings to MIT to further inspect the best minds mortals have to offer, he decided to share his spectacular voice. This mystical voice is like one never heard on Earth. Though some mortals may compare him to Adam Levine, any mortal description attempting to describe this miraculous creature’s perfection is simply lacking. He is…Peggy.


In the early 1990s the Universal Music Group commissioned research to genetically engineer the most talented musician the world has ever seen. Splicing the DNA from the Luther Vandross, Stevie Wonder, Frank Sinatra, R. Kelly, and many other prominent artists, they believed that they had cooked up the perfect genetic stew, capable of producing a talent unlike any the world had ever seen. The culmination of this radical covert project was a child by the name of Brian Wilcox, or ‘B-Cox’ as he would come to be known. The project appeared to be a huge success, but they failed to anticipate the power which their creation possessed. The researchers tried their best to contain their creation but the child melted the hearts of his captors with his smooth, sultry voice and escaped the facilities unscathed, free to roam the earth. B-Cox, without knowledge of how to properly use his talents and all on his own, struggled in the wild. Any given breath would produce melodies that would bring all living creatures in shouting distance to their knees in awe. His talents proved too strong for even himself, and it appeared that he was doomed to live in isolation with no hope for a civilized life. Luckily for ‘B-Cox