Baby Eater

There is only one way to describe Matt Schoeneck: badass. The rest of us are in a constant state of awe at his hotness. While most of the Logs diligently study on weeknights, Schoeneck can usually be found partying somewhere in the great Boston area. His homework, along with his laundry, is always done by one of his twelve girlfriends. He was purportedly staying in the Playboy Mansion last week with his good friend Hugh Hefner (who continues to refuse to extend an invitation to the rest of the group). Somehow, he also managed to get perfect scores on three exams. Rumor has it that Matt actually has not attended a single class this year, and furthermore, that he isn’t actually registered as a student–he’s just here for fun.

Beast Aka Jimothy

An amazing tenor of the 07 twig class. His middle name Beast wasn’t put on his birth certificate for no reason. He’s got enough muscle for 2. Jim’s mom must have known that her son would grow to become 1/4 of the logs by mass and 1/3 by volume. I’m sure she read him such fairy tales as ‘Vu the Chew toy


PJ Boom ‘chicka chicka boom chicka chicka boom’ Steiner, also known as PJ the human orchestra, comes from a fabled background of droppin the beat and throwin the ‘bows. He’s, I don’t know, a certain Je ne sais quoi springs forth just at the right moment of every song, piercing the air with his silky high notes. But be assured, because sheer velvet isn’t all that PJ is about. Outside of the logs, PJ has been honing his beatboxing skills, gearing up to take on Rahzel for beatbox master of the world. Until then, we are more than content with his wildly high range and energy in our songs…And yes, he’s got the funk.