A really, really, ridiculously long time ago, our world was inhabited by four elemental entities: earth, water, wind, and Tommy Moriarty. These entities created all natural things; they were responsible for sculpting the Earth into something beautiful and inhabitable. Tommy was, of course, the most gangsta of the elements and was responsible for the creation of the Big Bang, elemental fire, evolution, and swagger. One fateful day Tommy heard the Logs and could not resist the charm of their angelic voices, so he assumed a humanoid form to join them. Due to his superhuman origins, the humanoid Tommy we know and love boasts a bass/baritone voice more potent and amazing than a thousand erupting volcanoes, a body more chiseled than igneous rocks, a style more suave than a flickering candle, and hair as fiery as an exploding rocket. Affectionately and creatively nicknamed ‘Ginger

Lukulele AKA LukeyLuke

The world was introduced to Luke Plummer on April 26, Year of the Monkey, and as a thank you gift to monkeys, he took a few minutes out of his illustrious schedule to teach them how to climb using all four hands. This is the kind of generosity that Luke displays on a daily basis. For instance, Luke only carries a jacket when other people around him might be cold, due to his +200% cold resistance boost from ginger clan. In his free time Luke enjoys ice cream, swimming, ukulele, recording, ukulele, theatre, ukulele, riding his bike to the top of mountains (or buildings, whichever is closer) and wooing Mother Nature with his melodious trills. He puts love and passion into every commitment he takes on, laying all of his effort into his obligations, hobbies and friendships. The Logarhythms were lucky to come across such a talented musician and refined character.


Into a cold, gloomy world a Venezuelan child was born in the middle of the biggest thunderstorm in history. The child dazzled this dark world with his adorable face that emanated a natural radiance that instantly captured the hearts of all the women who stopped by to behold this spectacle. The child opened his mouth…and the earth shook as the most beautiful melody burst out from his lips and resonated throughout the cosmos. His simply captivating smile brought an explosion of warmth to the world. Shattered were the hearts of thousands of men whose ladies left them for this prime example of human perfection. Utterly amazed by this phenomenon, the Logs adopted the child into the family and decided to call him Puchi. Years have passed since then, and Puchi continues to surprise the Logs with his mesmerizing tone, riffs that flow like the sweetest honey, and best of all, his strong yet tender fingers that have the ability to massage off any form of stress and uneasiness known to mankind. The Logs have to keep this beast of a man restrained at all times, for fear of the early coming of Armageddon if we were ever to unleash this pure musical awesomeness to roam free.


We have only bits and pieces of information but what we know for certain is that at some point in the early twenty-first century, all of mankind was united in celebration. We marveled at our own magnificence as we gave birth to the seamless integration of epicness and buttery smooth a cappella: Nate Kim. Also known as Naked, he was the long awaited offspring of Musiq Souchild and a Moog Keytar, but Korean. When Nate was still young, the logs went to Champaign, Illinois to steal him from his government laboratory holding pen, only to find that he had escaped when all of the scientists and lab technicians, male and female, were instantly seduced by the sound of baby Nate Kim’s first words: doo doo wap jimma jeng. After Nate Kim teleported to Korea and back to end all military conflict by singing exactly two and a half measures of Stevie Wonder, NLK crawled to the FU room to learn the ways of the logs and uphold the logarhythmic tradition of Korean excellence.