will baker? yeah, he’s the tall guy in the back who sings bass. Aside from his booming bass and exceptional memorization skills, his height elevates the Logs to another level (hehe uh…). anyway, if you’re not sure which tall guy is will baker, just go, ‘Logs?’ and the one who says, ‘BASS-ic!!!’ is your man. Nobody in the group loves singing bass more than this guy, and he puts passion and precision into every note he sings.


Few words can describe this phenomenon we have come to know as Mikey, but if there was one it would be ‘style’. Whether it be a typical rehearsal or a huge performance, Mikey always manages to grace us with his magnificence in the art of clothing decision. But not only does he style in the way he dresses– when he sings, he’s in style, and when it comes to women — ’nuff said. Truth be told, however, the kid does not say much. But he doesn’t need to. Mikey just gives off this soothing and calming quality about him, where you can’t really tell if he’s high or if he’s just smooth like that. In addition, Mikey holds a special power that few of us can boast– the power to make Krazy Karl go soft and giggle like a little school girl. His influence over Krazy is second, maybe, only to Father. Oh, and he’s also a pimp.really (he has the hat and everything).


Ben Su ‘Ho’ doesn’t take any crap. Whether it be Krazy’s drunken attempts at giving Father a lap dance or Prep’s incessant crotch-massaging, this kid will always be the first to cast a disapproving glance. But underneath that cool, calm, short-asian-kid exterior, Ben Su is really a Ho. At least we thought his last name was. Hence he’s been lovingly referred to as Ben Su ‘Ho’ since his first day as a twig. When we’re trying to be more formal, sometimes we’ll call him Ben Su. But never Ben. Nope, this guy’s name just flows together; it’s an amazing characteristic.

Speaking of amazing, Ben Su is the only Log with perfect pitch. You heard me right, perfect pitch. Name a note and he’ll sing it. Much to the chagrin of Karl (‘I’m flat on purpose. I think A’s sound better like that’), this Ho won’t let us sing for even a minute when there’s any indication of pitch wavering. With the exception of Father and his mechanized ‘goo woo woos


Kaliq now here’s a tricky one. At first he seems so quiet and unassuming, then all of a sudden, ‘BAM!’ and here comes this huge burst of energy. It’s a surprise when you first see it, but then you can’t help but love the way he rocks out to every song we sing. While busting out his super-low bass, he’s always feeling the flow and grooving to the beat. He even carries his energy through while playing parts such as one of the wild animal minions of the Evil Plant or in his more showcased part as the Champion Sperm. The great vibe he sends out keeps everyone pumped up and feeling good. While he may not always be in the limelight, you can be sure he’s still singing his heart out and having an awesome time doing it.


Hailing from the Windy City, Phil Vasquez (a.k.a. ‘Squeezy’) brings to the Logs his deep, mellow, Chicago-Children’s-Choir-I-had-the-best-choral-director-ever-so-you-better-recognize voice, serenading the masses with melodies forged from the depths of a passionate soul mixed with Hispanic charm. You can often find dozens-if not hundreds-of fans begging for him to sing but one little tune.

But for every yin there’s a yang, an evil force to balance out the good and maintain constancy in the cosmos – that throngs of Squeezy’s relatives flock to various Logs performances and rehearsals everywhere. The sheer number of relatives he has is unbelievable-you name a type of relative force is known as ‘the Plague and Squeezy’s got one of those. It’s amazing. But regardless of how many Vasquez relatives you meet, a word to the wise: you’d better be taking your vitamins and getting your vaccinations to prepare for contact with this unique character all we know and love as Squeezy ‘the Plague’ Vasquez.’


Who’s bio am I writing?
Ben Su?
No, the other Ben.
Who’s the other Ben?
You know, Mr. What’s-his-face.
Oh, yeah!

Of all the twigs, Ben has the distinction of being the only sophomore in the group. Ben brings a lot to his twig class and the logs with his year of experience at MIT. He has already suggested a lot of great songs and good ideas for the group. In addition to his singing ability and his exceptional attendance at rehearsals, Ben is a graphic designer and is working hard on our new CD design. When you see it you’ll be amazed. Ben also has an incredible sense of style; I mean one look at or this guy or his room and you’d know what I mean. He always looks good. Words don’t do this guy justice so be sure to catch Ben in person at our concerts singing an awesome solo on Mysterious Ways.


Whether it be sending the ladies into elation with his euphonic, sweet sound in ‘No Need to Argue,’ or wrestling Krazy with his slick grappling moves, Tyler ‘SkyTy’ Johnson always has the situation under control. No one is quite sure how Tyler got the nickname SkyTy, but it’s probably because of his heavenly, sky high vocals, or maybe it’s just because he’s from Cali. Besides bringing the world down it’s knees, all in all, SkyTy is actually a nice guy. He’d never hurt a flee, well, except for maybe Krazy when he gets on one of his drunken theft kicks. So ladies, if you’re interested, SkyTy enjoys long walks on the beach, candlelight dinners, sensuous pillow-talk, and giggling like a schoolgirl.