If there is one word that can describe Collins Ward it’s ‘range’. I’m not just talking about that thundering low B to the pristine high G, I’m talking about everything. Collins seems to find his way into almost every section in the group. One song he’s a crystal clear lead and the next he’s a smoky bass. Sometimes you’ll find him singing along to the oldest country western song and the next minutes he’ll be busting out with some mad dance moves that even the Backstreet boys can’t handle. Whether you find him rowing varsity crew or busting out with that new solo, Collins holds a special place in the hearts of ladies everywhere.


Kong rhymes with mong, but that is really not my point.
you see this is a story about equinoxi, mongooses, and especally ping pong.
a player he was, is, and forever will be.
FOR REAL, Confucious is in his family trizee.
yes he does music arrange, spare change, and occaisionally graze on the range (ladies you feel me on dat eh)
but his true genius lies in boxin the beat
and flying by the seat
of his pants,
vigilance ladies. He can dance(but way worse than sellmyer).
kong diggity pho cheesy
aint the logs off the heeezy?!
but i digress
to have Dave kong in the logs leaves us forever blessed.


Let’s be honest. Occasionally Logs blurbs, like this one, are riddled with exaggeration and hyperboles of monstrous proportions.This one is not.If there’s one Log whose true behavior is exciting enough without embellishment, it’s Coezy.Try this one on for size: During a Campus Preview Weekend Concert Coezy, without taking his pants off, ripped off his underwear and hung it on the microphone.Or how about this one: After singing the national anthem at an NBA game during Tour 2000 in California, Coezy said to Scottie Pippen, ‘Whoaaaaahhhh, your nose is even bigger and uglier in person.’Did I mention that he whacked Magic Johnson seven times in half an hour?Still want more?I could tell you about how he participated in a game show titled ‘Don’t Shoot Your Mom!!!’ and lost, or about how he was caught in a lecture hall with his pants down by MIT’s coed a cappella group, or about his propensity to study interior decorating magazines. You see, stories about Coezy are entertaining enough without the exaggeration.And sadly, they’re all true.


The bastard son of a Sioux Indian princess and a bashful Third Reich war criminal, Karl, also known as Krazy, was abandoned at birth and raised by a peaceful band of carnival folk. Karl studied hard and sang away loneliness until he came to MIT and joined the Logs. Ever ambitious, Karl took on the reigns of directing his sophomore year and has led with with an iron fist ever since. Legend has it that he once killed a man just to watch him die. Legend also has it that Karl composes music using the blood of his enemies. Legend also has it that the hokey pokey IS NOT what it’s all about. But I digress. Karl is the man. He keeps a bunch of guys with a penchant for acting like Bronx zoo monkeys (mostly the tenors) in line, arranges most of our music AND sings devastating solos. Karl also enjoys finding creative uses for his fly zipper and dreams of one day bringing Russia to her knees.