There was once a man on Olympus. He was neither fully God nor fully mortal. Son of mighty Zeus, this man would sing beautiful melodies to the Goddesses. His voice inspired the songs of the birds and his character inspired the sun to rise. This man was Connor Humber. Just a mere 18 years ago, Chumber’s voice became so overwhelmingly beautiful to the Gods that he was banished into the hills of New Hampshire. Found by a man and a woman, Connor continued to grow as a man and a singer until his God-like intelligence brought him to MIT. Immediately, the MIT Logs recognized his superior character and fearlessness and invited him to become a Log. And the rest is written in the stars.


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away, a milk chocolate man with an even smoother voice was birthed from the loins of the gods. This mocha masterpiece was destined to be a star so bright that four names were needed to capture his essence: Anthony Quintavius Antoine Thomas. Brought to earth on a flaming comet (which he outshone), this sizzling specimen of a man landed in Georgia where he took on the form of a young baby to mask his unfathomable talent. As he grew, people around him began to notice that not only was his voice and skin rich as cocoa, but his way with the ladies was silky smooth. Soon enough, this sexy beast of a man was forced to migrate to Chicago where he could develop in hiding once again, lest he be uncovered. However, in a fated collision organized by good fortune, the Logs paid a visit to Chicago and discovered this demigod with a bass voice that rumbles with the sound of Zeus’ crashing thunderbolts. The Logs begged this delectable deity to join them upon his arrival at MIT, and alas, he consented. This musical prodigy and boy genius is the epitome of human perfection.


Emerging from the womb in a show of lights and sound on a scale unimaginable to mortals, this specimen of extreme manliness and greatness came into the world. He burst forth, and in his first few breaths began dancing and singing. Dancing and singing like only a God could and often described in lore as like watching the ebb and flow of the universe. And thus his name came into being as well. Not only looking like he was born with tiger blood and Adonis DNA infused into his being, his amazing dancing abilities could only be matched by his impeccable sense of style. After a few years of being a great dancer like that of Michael Jackson or Chris Brown, he grew tired of being the best and began to look for a challenge. He decided to try baseball, but after winning the World Series and being initiated into the Hall of Fame in 3 and a half days, he soon grew tired of such trivial things as well. He then heard of a prestigious group only mentioned in myth and legend known only as the Logs. He knew that such a group may be able to contain his golden-pipes and decided to join this group of mystery and legend. He now continues to sing, and dance to this day, with the Logs by his side.


The Logs needed a tenor, to replace what was gone,
The high-range was lacking, the harmonies a yawn.
From the great state of Texas came a figure so proud
Directing and marching, keeping the band playing loud.
The drum major conducted, keeping the beat
But his other talent secret he did keep.
Until one day he let loose his voice,
And his friends found that his tune was their choice.
Encouraged to sing, he thought it only fair,
To give it a shot and try out for Logs right then and there.
His pitch so pure,
His tone is renowned;
Jaaron Botello’s voice is the best around.
He filled the group’s void by singing his best,
With J-Bo included, the Logs reign from East to West.